Quality Made in Germany – You’re on the Safe Side with Our LED Warranty

LTS LED luminaires produce an excellent light with a very long service life, low maintenance costs and tailored to suit any application.

We develop and manufacture competitive products in Germany with an emphasis on sustainability, flexibility and quality.

The era of LEDs place high demands on luminaires and lighting systems – with the quality and efficiency of the LED being only one of many factors to be considered. Excellent temperature management and optical light direction within the luminaire are essential factors for the power and efficiency of your luminaire. For this reason our engineering team focuses on these factors, designing and developing our own optical solutions; reflectors, lenses and optical accessories. The high optical efficiency of our PRI Plus reflectors, made of high-purity aluminium, ensures excellent luminous efficacy and power efficiency – with minimum glare and maximum beauty of design.

We constantly review and up-grade our measuring devices and testing machines to continue to offer ever increasing levels of efficiency with our products. Equally we can adapt our fittings to your individual wishes and document the results.

Our products, of course, comply with the current standards and requirements (CE, ENEC, EN60598, EN55015, EN61000, EN61547, EN 62471, VDE) as a minimum.

Our quality system is designed in such a way that we can trace back every luminaire to the exact generation  of module and ballast used. By taking this approach we are in control of all our processes.

From this position of confidence we can offer a 5-year warranty for the LTS LED standard products. In contrast with conventional technology, the modules do not entirely fail after the service life specified for our luminaires (usually 50,000 hours), but only a minor percentage will have a lower efficiency than the luminous flux specified after 50,000 hours. You can define this percentage yourself. For our standard luminaires, we warrant 50,000 hours within 5 years at L80 B 20 – which means that only 20% of the modules installed will drop below 80% of the original luminous power*.

Alternative modules are available on request – tailored to your requirements regarding service life, colour rendering and efficiency.

We can also offer you an extended warranty depending on the specific project. The service life and constant light quality depends on the luminaire, the installation location and the climatic conditions. We can offer you an extended warranty depending on the specific situation – just contact us.

* Unless otherwise specified in the data sheet. Subject to technical modification.

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Contact in a warranty case

In a warranty case, please contact the following address:

LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH
Waldesch 24
88069 Tettnang | Germany

We will then contact you in person by return.




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