Light Design

LTS supports you in your everyday light design jobs with Relux and DIALux.
Here you can find up-to-date information and downloads relating to light design.

LTS is a Premium Member of DIALux

We make our LTS luminaire database plug-in for the DIALux light design software available to you. It offers practical, flexible and direct access to the current luminaire data of LTS. You can select LTS products conveniently, quickly and efficiently from a dedicated plug-in user interface in the DIALux software.

DIALux Plug-in Update

In order to be able to use the update, the LTS luminaire database plug-in for DIALux must be installed on your computer.

After starting the plug-in, you can use the "Online update" button at the top right in the start window to start the update. When you have installed the update successfully, the data of all current LTS luminaires will be available for access.


Luminaire database plug-in for DIALux

Lichtplanung mit DIALux DIALux
Light design software
    RELUX Softwarepaket

Software package for light and sensor designers




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