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Synthesis of Acoustic Element and Luminaire

Optico contributes to improving acoustics in busy rooms and to complying with relevant guidelines. The high-quality aluminium housing of the innovative ceiling luminaire performs the function of sound absorption. Tube technology permits the light source to be slightly recessed in the luminaire housing. This guarantees glare-free illumination (UGR<15). Modern and energy-efficient lens optics achieve precise beam angle characteristics with a standard angle of 60°, which enables a light cone with a diameter of almost three metres when having a standard ceiling height. Optico is available in four colour temperatures or alternatively with Tunable White Light technology. As a practical insert luminaire, the innovation can also easily be integrated into existing structures.

Highlights at a glance

  • sound-absorbing surface (sound absorption level = 0.5)
  • innovative tube technology for glare-free illumination (UGR<15)
  • advanced lens optics with a standard beam angle of 60°
  • available in black, silver and white (RAL on request)
  • colour temperatures: 3000 K, 4000 K
  • optional: 3500 K, 5000 K, Tunable White Light
  • dimmable via DALI
  • lifetime L80 B20 50000 h

Optico 600/625

  • System power:
    42/62 W
  • Luminous flux:
    max. 4560/6550 lm
  • Colour temperature:
    3000/4000 K
  • Module:
    600x600/625x625 mm

Further Information