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Artificial Light – Naturally Good

Benefit from a new trend-setting technology with MinusBlue. MinusBlue lets you create a natural light spectrum. High-grade LEDs make sure that neither red nor green nor blue light is emitted in inappropriate wavelengths.

Excess blue components in the light are reduced. A light spectrum is obtained which is very similar to sunlight.

MinusBlue emulates the advantages of natural sunlight:

Ideal perception of colours
MinusBlue offers an excellent colour rendering index and quality. This guarantees optimum perception of colours and facets. Merchandise presented appears in its original attractive brilliance.

Increased contrast
MinusBlue supports a visual performance with more contrast. Different surfaces and textures can be perceived more easily and in more detail. Materials show authenticity to advantage.

Biological effect
Owing to the reduced blue peak, MinusBlue produces light which does not affect the human organism at all. Rather, this new technology can considerably support the natural performance of human beings and their well-being. Hence, MinusBlue is in harmony with the human biorhythm.

These advantages become particularly evident in working environments with low daylight input or none at all. MinusBlue combines an outstanding shopping experience with a healthy working atmosphere.

This technology is available as an option with several selected products. Those of our products which are MinusBlue-ready are marked with a blue "MB" icon on our product pages.

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Recessed Spotlights
Recessed Downlights
Surface-Mounted Downlights
Lighting Systems
Ceiling and Pendant Luminaires