Maximum Modularity

Maximum Modularity for Consistent Design Solutions

You can configure LUZ luminaires at three levels according to your individual requirements. Ceiling or track-mounted? LUZ is available as a surface-mounted or pendant luminaire. The luminaires of the LUZ series can be manufactured in widths ranging from one to three modules and in lengths ranging from two to five modules. You can combine the different module dimensions in a very flexible way. This is supplemented with a large variety of individualisation options, including different housing colours, colour temperatures and beam angles as well as a Tunable White Light feature. The luminaires of the series are particularly suitable for lighting in food stores and do-it-yourself stores, show rooms, office areas and for wall illumination.

Highlights at a glance

  • lifetime L80 B20 50.000 h
  • remarkably high system efficiency of 140 lm/W
  • available with beam angle symmetric 60°, Batwing 60° or
    asymmetric 30°
  • 2 power stages
  • colour temperature 3000/3500/4000/5000 K
  • easy mounting and outstanding ease of maintenance
  • available in silver, black, white and other RAL colours upon request
  • low glare ratings (UGR < 19)

Should you have a specific requirement, beyond our standard product depth and variety of options of the LUZ series, you are always welcome to contact us. We will work with you, consider your request promptly and can manufacture your special luminaire inhouse at LTS.


  • 1-row/2-length 12/24 W max. 1800/3590 lm
  • 1-row/3-length 18/36 W max. 2700/5390 lm
  • 1-row/4-length 24/48 W max. 3590/7180 lm
  • 1-row/5-length 30/60 W max. 4490/8970 lm
  • 2-row/2-length 24/48 W max. 3590/7180 lm
  • 2-row/3-length 36/72 W max. 5390/10770 lm
  • 3-row/2-length 36/72 W max. 5390/10770 lm


Pendant luminaire for contact track

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Surface-mounted luminaire for contact track

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Pendant luminaire for ceiling mounting

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Surface-mounted luminaire for ceiling mounting

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Wall luminaire asymmetrical


  • 3-row/1-length 46 W max. 5880 lm

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Recessed luminaire standard


  • 1-row/2-length 25/37 W max. 3290/4780 lm

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