Flixx 100 Round

recessed spotlight

FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI

recessed spotlight with optical design variants and wide range of applications, light-head pivots through 20°, outstanding ease of maintenance, no UV and thermal emissions, innovative thermal management with passive cooling (heat sink made from die-cast aluminium), high performance specular aluminium reflector with precise symmetrical beam characteristic for highest luminous efficiency and best glare-free lighting, front/mounting ring made from die-cast zinc with clear light effect ring (other decor/light effect rings and deco glasses are available as options), tool-free ceiling mounting via quick-action clamping springs (automatic adjustment of the ceiling thickness), connection to ballast via luminaire cable with Mini-Clamp connector, ballast (LED converter DALI, dimmable) included (external placement)
Note: The cut-out = 68 mm is only valid for plasterboard ceilings. For other types of ceilings the cut-out = 70 mm.
FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI - Flixx 100 Round
FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI - Flixx 100 Round

Technical data

LED replaces lamp conventional: HIT 20W / NV 50W
Lamps: LED Spot / 827 / CRI 80 / 2700 K
Lifetime: L80 B20 50000 h
Luminous flux: 1310 lm
Beam angle: 15°
System power: 15.0 W
System efficiency: 87.33 lm/W
Supply voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Supply unit: Betriebsgerät (LED-Konverter DALI, dimmbar)
Protection class: III
Type of protection: IP20
Norms: UKCA, CE
Weight: 0.475 kg
Recessed depth: 90 mm
Cut-out: 68 mm
Ceiling thickness: 1 - 25 mm
Height luminaire: 92 mm
Outer diameter: 80 mm
Colour: black, silver, white
UGR 4H/8H 70/50/20: 22.2/22.2 (C0/C90)
Type: FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI

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Article overview

Article no. Name Product picture
641711 FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI black View Download
641712 FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI silver View Download
641713 FLIR 100.1027.15/DALI white View Download



FLIRZ 100.01
decorative ring black
FLIRZ 100.02
decorative ring silver
FLIRZ 100.03
decorative ring white
FLIRZ 100.04
light effect ring opal
FLIRZ 100.05
light effect ring clear
FLIRZ 100.06
light effect ring red matt
FLIRZ 100.07
light effect ring yellow matt
FLIRZ 100.08
light effect ring blue matt
FLIRZ 100.16
light effect ring red translucent
FLIRZ 100.17
light effect ring yellow translucent
FLIRZ 100.18
light effect ring blue translucent
FLIRZ 100.24
decorative glass opal
FLIRZ 100.25
decorative glass clear




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