ONETrack | Recessed

recessed track

ST-E 20/9000-2-R

recessed track with data bus (length: 2000 mm), also suitable for 3-phase track adapters without bus function, realisation of lighting tasks with DALI, 6-conductor track with three separately controllable current circuits, extruded aluminium profile which also functions as earth, to shorten the track for on-site length adjustment, it is necessary to use the cutting tool ST-ZCUT/S-9000/T-N to cut the copper conductors, mechanical load diagramm see additional data sheet, max. electrical load: AC mains power supply 3.6 kVA, 3-phase network 3 x 3.6 kVA = 10.8 kVA, rated current and voltage: 16 A / 440 V (1 A / 50 V AC FELV)
ST-E 20/9000-2-R - ONETrack | Recessed
ST-E 20/9000-2-R - ONETrack | Recessed

Technical data

Supply voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 16 A
Weight: 2.273 kg
Recessed depth: 35 mm
Cut-out: 2006 x 34 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 x 52 x 38 mm
Colour: black, white, grey (aluminium)
Type: ST-E 20/9000-2-R

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Article overview

Article no. Name Product picture
660321 ST-E 20/9000-2-R grey View Download
660319 ST-E 20/9000-2-R black View Download
660320 ST-E 20/9000-2-R white View Download



ST-E CAP/9004-R
end cover for recessed track
ST-E F/PE-L/9002
end feed-in with polarity left
ST-E F/PE-R/9001
end feed-in with polarity right
ST-E I/9010
electric linear connector
ST-E L/PE-IN/9011
L-connector with polarity inside
ST-E L/PE-OUT/9012
L-connector with polarity outside
ST-E S/S-9000-313
pendant bracket for rope suspensions
ST-E T/PE-IN-L/9015
T-connector with polarity inside left
ST-E T/PE-IN-R/9016
T-connector with polarity inside right
ST-E T/PE-OUT-L/9013
T-connector with polarity outside left
ST-E T/PE-OUT-R/9014
T-connector with polarity outside right
ST-E X/9017
electric linear connector (inside)
mechanical coupler (outside)
ST-Z LA 30
3-phase track adapter
ST-Z LA 30 M10
3-phase track adapter with thread nipple M10
ST-Z LA 30 M13
3-phase track adapter with thread nipple M13
ST-Z LAB 30 M13
3-phase track bus adapter with thread nipple M13
socket adapter for 3-phase track




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