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LUZ | Wall

wall luminaire

The new LUZ Generation 2.0 is convincing with its high-efficiency lighting technology and the flat, clear design. High variance in length and width of luminaires plus targeted project adjustment are achieved by the modular lense technology and the different installation types like contact track, surface and pendant mounting. The range of applications is additionally increased by two power stages for each luminaire, several colour temperatures, minimum glare and different beam angles like batwing, asymmetrical etc. LUZ is used in food and construction markets, in salesrooms, for office applications, for wall illumination and many other ranges. Also available as wall luminaire and recessed luminaire.
LUZ | Wall - Wall Luminaires
  • Available as DALI.
  • Available as TWL (Tunable White Light, 2.700 - 6.500 K) on request.
Name Feature L x W  Colour temperature System power Luminous flux 
LUZ-W31 105.830.AS/DALI3-row/1-length301 x 212 mmAsymmetric3000 K38,3 W 5160 lm
LUZ-W31 105.840.AS/DALI3-row/1-length301 x 212 mmAsymmetric4000 K38,3 W 5390 lm




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