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Discovery Evo

recessed and surface-mounted luminaire

Supremely versatile. Discovery Evo fulfils the lighting needs under all circumstances. The basic model, in a classic white design, is IP44 classified, available for ceiling and wall as well as recessed mounting. Two luminous flux and two colour temperatures 3000 K and 4000 K, make it possible to set the lighting environment specifically to the area of application. Discovery Evo is also available in an anti-ligature design in a IK10 and IP55 model for outdoor use - in black, anthracite grey and white finishes.
Discovery Evo - Ceiling and Pendant Luminaires
  • Available as DALI.
Name Feature Colour temperature System power Luminous flux Ø 
DISC-I 40.1130Indoor3000 K8 W 1120 lm359 mm
DISC-I 40.1140Indoor4000 K8 W 1180 lm359 mm
DISC-I 40.1730Indoor3000 K14 W 1810 lm359 mm
DISC-I 40.1730/DALIIndoor3000 K14 W 1810 lm359 mm
DISC-I 40.1740Indoor4000 K14 W 1900 lm359 mm
DISC-I 40.1740/DALIIndoor4000 K14 W 1900 lm359 mm
DISC-O 40.1130Outdoor3000 K8 W 1120 lm387 mm
DISC-O 40.1140Outdoor4000 K8 W 1180 lm387 mm
DISC-O 40.1730Outdoor3000 K14 W 1810 lm387 mm
DISC-O 40.1730/DALIOutdoor3000 K14 W 1810 lm387 mm
DISC-O 40.1740Outdoor4000 K14 W 1900 lm387 mm
DISC-O 40.1740/DALIOutdoor4000 K14 W 1900 lm387 mm




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