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Advantages along the line: an economic, versatile linear lighting system. Wherever a technically straightforward, economic linear lighting solution is needed, StraitLine is the ideal solution. The standardised LED modules are available in pre-assembled configurations in defined lengths and are interconnected by an eccentric element. After assembly, a foil is inserted quickly and easily into the section, which produces the beam angle. The wide range of applications is determined by two power stages for each module luminaire, two colour temperatures and different beam angles like narrow beam, wide beam and batwing. For the beam angles narrow beam and batwing the LTS designed nanoOptix lense foils are first used (thickness 0.6 mm).
StraitLine - Lighting Systems
  • Available as DALI.
  • Available as TWL (Tunable White Light, 2.700 - 6.500 K) on request.
  • Available as TWPI (Tunable White PI-LED, 2.500 - 7.000 K + color) on request.
Name Length Colour temperature System power Luminous flux 
STRL 607.0845.830/DALI845 mm3000 K11,8 W 1300 lm
STRL 607.0845.840/DALI845 mm4000 K11,8 W 1360 lm
STRL 610.0845.830/DALI845 mm3000 K22,2 W 2520 lm
STRL 610.0845.840/DALI845 mm4000 K22,2 W 2640 lm
STRL 607.1125.830/DALI1125 mm3000 K15,8 W 1730 lm
STRL 607.1125.840/DALI1125 mm4000 K15,8 W 1810 lm
STRL 610.1125.830/DALI1125 mm3000 K29,6 W 3360 lm
STRL 610.1125.840/DALI1125 mm4000 K29,6 W 3520 lm
STRL 607.1405.830/DALI1405 mm3000 K19,7 W 2160 lm
STRL 607.1405.840/DALI1405 mm4000 K19,7 W 2260 lm
STRL 610.1405.830/DALI1405 mm3000 K37,1 W 4240 lm
STRL 610.1405.840/DALI1405 mm4000 K37,1 W 4440 lm
STRL 607.2245.830/DALI2245 mm3000 K31,5 W 3460 lm
STRL 607.2245.840/DALI2245 mm4000 K31,5 W 3620 lm
STRL 610.2245.830/DALI2245 mm3000 K59,3 W 6720 lm
STRL 610.2245.840/DALI2245 mm4000 K59,3 W 7040 lm
STRL 607.3370.830/DALI3370 mm3000 K47,3 W 5180 lm
STRL 607.3370.840/DALI3370 mm4000 K47,3 W 5430 lm
STRL 610.3370.830/DALI3370 mm3000 K88,9 W 10080 lm
STRL 610.3370.840/DALI3370 mm4000 K88,9 W 10560 lm




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