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pendant luminaire

With its simple and clear design, Globia is a beautiful luminaire suitable for most applications. The round radiation characteristics also provide the opportunity to create and build exciting interiors. The luminaire is extremely energy-efficient and has a built-in LED converter, which makes it easy to fit. The well thought-out LED solution ensures even light distribution in the light-ball.
Globia - Decorative Luminaires
  • Available as DALI.
Name Feature Ø Colour temperature System power Luminous flux 
GLOB 300.2030.1/DALIgenuine glass300 mm3000 K20 W 2340 lm
GLOB 300.2030.2/DALIacrylic glass300 mm3000 K20 W 2420 lm
GLOB 300.2040.1/DALIgenuine glass300 mm4000 K20 W 2390 lm
GLOB 300.2040.2/DALIacrylic glass300 mm4000 K20 W 2470 lm
GLOB 400.2530.1/DALIgenuine glass400 mm3000 K25 W 2810 lm
GLOB 400.2530.2/DALIacrylic glass400 mm3000 K25 W 2900 lm
GLOB 400.2540.1/DALIgenuine glass400 mm4000 K25 W 2870 lm
GLOB 400.2540.2/DALIacrylic glass400 mm4000 K25 W 2960 lm
GLOB 450.2630.1/DALIgenuine glass450 mm3000 K28 W 2770 lm
GLOB 450.2630.2/DALIacrylic glass450 mm3000 K28 W 2860 lm
GLOB 450.2640.1/DALIgenuine glass450 mm4000 K28 W 2830 lm
GLOB 450.2640.2/DALIacrylic glass450 mm4000 K28 W 2920 lm
GLOB 450.4630.1/DALIgenuine glass450 mm3000 K47 W 5530 lm
GLOB 450.4630.2/DALIacrylic glass450 mm3000 K47 W 5710 lm
GLOB 450.4640.1/DALIgenuine glass450 mm4000 K47 W 5650 lm
GLOB 450.4640.2/DALIacrylic glass450 mm4000 K47 W 5830 lm




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